Girl Child


The Girl Child education needs to get great priority to restore the balance of nature. I do not mean education just in the traditional sense. It should be an advanced form of education that should include learning to live a new way of life epitomizing the balance of the feminine and masculine principles of nature. The next generation should be taught to express their feminine principle of creativity, love, compassion, nurturing, healing and a holistic way of living complemented with the masculine principle of creative action that is based on strong will, grit and determination.

Only this will lead to creative and generative action based on the feminine forces of love, compassion, nurturing and healing. The balance between the masculine and feminine principle leads to unification of forces and a perfect sync with nature. This is completely different in comparison to a way of living based on reductionism and self-interest that is seen in today’s society. The Girl Child will act as the seed for a whole new generation of humanity which will learn to live in sync with the nature. Once trained and educated, she will transmit the new way of living to her future family, the society and the humanity at large. Therefore the focus should be on her development and education at every level.

But the irony is that reality as it exists today is far from pleasant. Just like women in general, the girl child is highly neglected in large parts of the world and the society is heavily biased against her. She is killed in the womb even before she takes birth. If she takes birth still she ends up living a very marginalized and neglected life. Her education, her health, her nutrition and her overall nurturing does not come as a major priority in large numbers of societies around the world. She is only considered as a liability which has to be one day transferred to somebody else or she is considered as a future tool for reproduction, procreation and propagating the family line. Moreover she also becomes an easy victim to physical and psychological abuse.

In few parts of the developed world the situation may be slightly different and the neglect and marginalization of the girl child may not be overtly visible. But here again things might be going wrong in a covert manner. Here again there are a set of questions that need to be answered like what percentage of female population ends up getting educated for gainful employment ? What is the percentage of female population directly involved in the social, economic, religious and political development and advancement of society? What is the percentage of women who end up living a life which is similar to a life which existed 100 years back? Apart from these basic questions the most important thing to note is that still the society is patriarchal in nature in every part of the world and still there is a glass-ceiling that exists for women in every field.

Humanity needs to understand that with the kind of marginalization and neglect the girl child is facing in large parts of the world, there is very little hope of building a new order based on creative and generative action and principles of love, compassion, nurturing & healing.


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