Tips to Help Young Children Develop Good Reading Habits


Teaching children to read and helping them develop good reading habits are two very different things. An enrichment program can teach a child to read but it is not enough to help them develop a good reading habit.  

Developing this skill mainly starts at home and at school. But enrolling your child in a good and effective enrichment program is also a way to help fuel the passion for reading. Eventually, they will come to realize that reading is fun and an adventure in itself. 

Help your child develop good reading habits by keeping in mind the following tips. 

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Set an Example 

Young children indeed learn by copying adults. And as they get older, they also get better at mimicking other people’s actions. You have to remember that before anything else, you are the child’s first teacher and role model.  

Seeing you read books or newspapers all the time will show your child that reading is indeed important. It is not just something that you imposed out of the blue. Moreover, you can even do some reading sessions together.

 Create a Reading Space with Lots of Books to Choose From 

Make an area in your home and consider it a reading nook. Fill the shelves with different types of books to encourage your child to read at any time of the day. You can even make this space together and make a bonding experience out of it. 

Let your child choose the chairs and other fun accessories. Including your kid in the whole process will spark interest in him or her. 

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Show Your Child That Reading is Everywhere 

From game instructions to menus to movies, reading is indeed everywhere! Practice with your child using small phrases that you see in toys or malls. This will show your child why reading is very important. It is not just in books or school, but reading is an inevitable part of life. Without learning how to read, it would be difficult if not impossible to understand what is happening in the world. 

Take a Field Trip To Your Local Library 

Take advantage of your local library and make a day out of it. Show your child that other people like to read as well and that there are millions of books out there. Make him or her select the book of his choice and read it together.  

Make the library a special place for both of you because with emotional connection, your child will be more inclined to do the activity over and over again.  

Support Your Child 

Lastly, if your child feels frustrated when reading and can’t cope easily, show love and support. Be patient and address the problem as soon as possible. You can talk to the teacher at school or mentors at enrichment centers to figure out ways on how to help the child be better without the fear and embarrassment.


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